The light source drama (Part 1)

In our first big RoboPlant meeting, it became apparent that the light source for indoor use was something that would need to be considered carefully. The plan was to use solar panels to power an electrolyser cell which would split water into hydrogen and oxygen. We then hoped the gases produced could bubble upwards through a curved water tube encapsulated within the stem, and be collected in two canisters. It was all going so swimmingly, the design for our plant was developing in front of our eyes, and we were becoming more and more excited. Then Alastair pointed out that storing gas under a light source – which would be radiating heat – could be a huge issue, and Alex informed us that collecting the gases in that manner would be a difficult task. With these technical issues to solve, and many more, which I’m sure other team members will blog about, it was clear individual work on different problems would be required to allow us to progress to the next stage of our design process. As The Physicist, I was assigned the task of find an appropriate light source – a task which I have now called the light source drama. A very fitting name, you’ll soon agree. I’ll be keeping you updated on my progress with it, so keep an eye out!


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